How to Make a House, a Home with Welcome Home Dayton

While Puff Apothecary focuses on how to make people feel beautiful and comfortable with their hair and in their skin, we believe the same sort of care and attention should be paid to your home. Our surroundings have a profound affect on how we see ourselves so it's equally important to surround yourself with joy and beauty.

We were fortunate to get an interview with April Alford, connoisseur of home decor and founder of the non-profit Welcome Home Dayton. Welcome Home Dayton's goal is to help provide daily living essentials for people who are transitioning from homelessness to their own apartment/home. It is a passion project that focuses on creating spaces that go beyond the bare necessities. Her organization tackles what it means to be human, and have a space that reflects who we are. It's about the love, dignity and pride given to these individuals. You can follow her journey and learn more on Instagram at @welcomehomedayton.

We're thrilled she took the time to share her top tips on how to make a house feel like a home!


Surround yourself with items that you love

I think that when it comes to creating spaces that feel like home, it is very important to fill your space with items that you love. Some people follow the current design trends and become dissatisfied with their space when that trend has passed. If you fill your space with items that bring you joy, you never have to worry about what is in style or currently on trend


Eliminate clutter

Another tip to creating spaces that feel like home is to eliminate clutter. When you walk into a room, the eye should have places to rest. It should not dart from item to item. Filling a room with too many items is overkill, and inhibits relaxing moments in your home.  I know that some people are collectors, and one suggestion that I would make to them would be to switch out items with the seasons, as opposed to having everything on display at once. 

I am a lover of plants, and I believe that bringing real plants into the home brings in an element of nature while cleaning the air within the home. Two of my favorite plants are the fiddle leaf fig and the snake plant. I believe that there should be at least one plant in every room, including the bathroom. 


Illuminate your space

Different sources of light is another great way to make a space feel like home. Don't be content with the overhead lighting that comes in your apartment or home. Overhead lighting tends to cause shadows, so it's best to have wall sconces and floor lamps to give your space a more cozy feel. Where you place your lighting is just as important as the type of lighting you choose. So, play around with your lamps and sconces to choose the best placement in your home. 

Art & Mirrors

The last two tips that I have would be to invest in art and purchase mirrors for your space. You don't have to spend a whole lot of money on art to make your space feel like home. You can buy a canvas and use painters tape to make a geometric abstract piece. You can also frame wallpaper or fabric, enlarge and frame your personal photos and adhere wooden letters onto a canvas and spray paint just to name a few. When it comes to adding mirrors to a space, mirrors work wonders in small spaces.  A properly placed mirror helps to amplify the light in the room, as well as break up any visual clutter. It's a great spot for the eye to rest when moving around a room. Another great trick is to place a mirror behind a light source. This does wonders for a room. 

These are just a few tips to help you create a space that feels homier and inviting, and I hope that you will give a few of them a try.