Cornerstones of Creating A Home

Lately, creating a home for my family has been very much on my mind. I am so thankful and thrilled that April Alford shared some very helpful tips here to help me on my journey to achieving a home instead of just a house. I've decided I want to start chronicling my own reinvention at home. I think creating home can include anything from decorating to cleaning to creating loving and positive experiences for your family. So without further ado, this week I wanted to share some inspirational examples of three areas that are the cornerstones of my efforts to create a home.


Pillows are my go to for comfort. For me, there really can never be enough pillows. The beauty of pillows is that they can be easily moved and shifted to make a space look different and increase it's coziness. I tend to by cheap pillows in basic, solid colors and higher end pillows when it comes to textures and patterns. A big shout out to Dayton's own, Yetunde Rodriguez who has some of the most beautifully designed pillows ever.


I've been obsessed with blue and white lately, so much so I painted my bedroom Sherwin Williams Searching Blue. For a wonderful book that shows you the power of blue and white, pick up A Passion For Blue & White at our downtown Dayton Metro Main Library. It's a color combo that can be paired with other colors like orange, red, purple/lavender (my choice!), and pink. 

Finding a color combo that makes me feel good has had a profound affect on my mood. I'd recommend anyone to seek out their combo and put it in their bedroom so it's the first thing you wake up to and the last thing you see as you lay your head down to rest. Be mindful of the psychology of color too. For me I need more peace and calm so blue and white were a great fit. 


Cultural signifiers in the home are just as intimate and important as family photos. It gives a glimpse into the history of he homeowners and reveals what sort of things they hold dear. I'm still working on this but I absolutely love the statues in this home. It reminds me of my own childhood home.

Some items that would be wonderful to display are family quilts, framing maps of your heritage and framing old photographs.

How do you make your house feel like home?