Final Day! Fix the Worst Part of Your Hair Routine

We all have an area of doing our hair that we can’t stand. Usually that one thing makes us not even start the process. Today we want to go through each key part of doing our hair and give quick tips on tackling your least favorite part.


Today's Assignment

Adjust your least favorite part of your hair routine with one of the tips below.

Daily Moisture

Find the right time that you have the most downtime and do it then whether it i morning or night time. This has been covered in our previous assignment.

Shampooing: Shorten the process through these tips

• Start focusing on the scalp exclusively to shorten the amount of time if you have longer hair. You don’t need to drag the shampoo from root to tip and in fact the less manipulation to your tips the better. Results: less breakage, shorter shampoo time, better focus on scalp leading to cleaner scalp

• Eliminate shampooing in sections.

Detangling: Consider shortening your detangle process

• Detangle while you apply conditioner in the shower

• Or detangle while you apply your leave-in conditioner

DIY: Drop the DIY

Yes, natural products that you make yourself are fresh and great for your hair but it is time consuming and sometimes not easy to do (looking at you flax seed gel). So instead see natural-based products. When the top five ingredients are natural ingredients that’s a good sign. Don’t fear ingredients you can’t pronounce just look them up. The EWG Cosmetic Database is a great resource for this. Make informed decisions based on that.

We hope that through the Routine Resolution you are now able to tackle your hair routine simply, efficiently and consistently. Please be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Please sign up for our newsletter and if you have a moment and have visited our shop please leave a review on Facebook or on Google Review.