Moisturize Natural Hair To Last A Week!

Busy this weekend and next week? Can't moisturize everyday? Try this Natural Hair Hack to keep your hair moisturized for a whole week.

  1. Dampen ends of hair with water and leave the rest dry
  2. Use your favorite leave-in conditioner (I love OBIA Naturals Curl Moisture Cream, it's in stock!). Make sure the first ingredient is water
  3. Apply liberally from roots (not scalp) to ends. Make sure to finish by smoothing a bit more on your ends
  4. Grab your favorite light weight  (washout) conditioner. Again make sure the first ingredient is water
  5. Use just enough conditioner to lightly coat hair. Be sure to take a dab and rub in your palms then smooth over hair. Too much and it could cause buildup. Be sure to pay attention to ends again
  6. Big twist or bantu knot and cover with scarf
  7. In the morning, take down and enjoy your super moisturized hair. Be sure to twist or bantu knot and cover with scarf each night.

And that's it! This will keep your hair moisturized (and shiny!) for the whole week. This will work on the coarsest or finest of hair just be sure to do the appropriate amounts for your hair. If you overdo it, it can cause buildup. If you under do it, it won't last the whole week.

Have you ever tried this before? If so, how did it go?