5 Natural Hair Products Every Parent Should Have

It's back to school season and while you're getting prepared fro back-to-school, you should also consider stocking up on basic natural hair ingredients. Below are the top 5 basic all natural hair products every parent should have for not only their kids but for themselves as well!


Shea Butter is definitive staple in many natural hair routines. My favorite recipe is turning it into a Shea whip mixed with oils but it can be used by itself. This is a product that is both great for hair and skin. Read more here.


Coconut oil is a wonderful moisturizer and works great for detangling hair. It’s also not too bad on a piece of toast ;) You can read more about coconut oil here.


Glycerin is particularly useful for hair that tends to be dry or is coarse. Glycerin helps pull moisture to your hair from the environment.  My favorite recipe is my Glycerin Spritz.


Aloe Vera Juice is amazing for mixes, spritzes and cleansers. You can read more about aloe vera juice here.


I seriously can’t get enough of clay! It can act as a cleanser and conditioner. It’s not only great for hair, it’s wonderful for skin as well. You can read about Kaolin here and Rhassoul here.

Have you tried these products> Which is your favorite?