How To Wear a Half Bun With Natural Hair

If you have medium length hair, I recommend stretching out your hair to achieve the best half bun style. Below is step-by-step on what I do:

1) Part hair down the middle
2) Section off front for top bun into quick hair tie to do later
3) Do my patented cream method on bottom half and large bantu knots:
4) Take top bun section and part in middle
5) Wrap one section clockwise around the other section. Then take other section and wrap counterclockwise around wrapped section. Optional: apply bobby pins to ensure it will stay secured
6) After at least 45 minutes, unravel bantu knot, fluff as you desire and enjoy!
Optional: Rub avocado oil in hands and gently apply all over to really make it shine!

Do you ever wear a half bun style?