Top Tips For Making Hair Time Fun


  • talk about things they enjoy
  • talk about their favorite hobbies
  • talk about what you are doing today and how much you look forward to it


  • tell them how wonderful their hair is
  • tell them what you are doing and how great it will make them look and feel
  • tell them how wonderful their hair is
  • tell them how well they are doing


  • have them help
  • have them hold items, give them silly names and have them hand them to you
  • have them face a tall mirror so they can watch what you are doing. Remember one day they will have to do it on their own so it is never too early to start learning.


  • give them something fun to do; puzzle, a book, a toy, a game on a device – something that will keep them mostly still

Fight Tears

  • make up a mantra for when they get tired or upset; it’s okay…we’ll have yay…have them say it with you, stay positive
  • make up a signal when something hurts so they can throw out a hand sign instead of yelling or crying


  • don’t forget the kisses and hugs! take a break to give them a kiss

All Done

  • create a “all done” word..boom! bam! whomp! yipee! okie dokie all done!

Thank you

  • thank them for such a fun time
  • encourage them to thank you for all your hard work too!

When all else Fails

  • if all else fails, turn on the TV. no shame in having the kid entertainment experts take the reins. TV is great for really difficult days or long sessions.  I recommend getting a figuring out which program is their favorite and either getting a dvd of it, recording it or finding it on Netflix.