Take Note & Schedule: Create a Simple Calendar and Note Your Preferences

One issue Puff Apothecary encounter over and over again with customers is that one reason they are inconsistent with their routine, is because they do not love their products and tend to have a lot of them. Also, as much as you want your hair routine to be a better, you have to understand that it takes planning to get there. Deciding what to do and committing to when to do it is crucial for a great hair routine. 

So today we are going take note of ingredients in your products to help you improve your selection of products and we’re also going to get you scheduled when it comes to doing your hair routine.

All you need is a bit of time and some paper or the your phone works, too.


Today's Assignment:

First assignment:

Look at each of the products in your kit and review the first 5 ingredients. Note digitally or on paper if there are any ingredients that recur. Take note of which products you love and see if the loved products have any ingredients in common.

Second Assignment:

If you keep a calendar, block of time for you and your hair. Seriously, the time is non-negotiable and is dedicated to you and your routine.

Daily: by now you should know if the best time is morning or night

Weekly & Bi-Weekly: try committing to washing your hair with shampoo (not cowash, actually cleansing your scalp and your hair) every two weeks. If you are doing it more often than that it may be too much manipulation or your products may be causing too much buildup. To remedy this try doing a weekly Apple cider Vinegar rinse (1 TB ACV to 1 C Water) and apply to scalp massaging with pads of fingers and then rinse thoroughly, dry as usual and style as needed.

Monthly: Deep condition your hair once a month during one of your wash days

Noting patterns in ingredients is an important first step in determining the products you'll enjoy and will work for your hair. As far as scheduling, think about how other habits in our life are formed and adhered to. We prioritize them and sometimes the simple act of adding it to our calendar or phone reminders or just making a mental note makes us more likely to feel like it is important to do. So use whatever form of scheduling that you do whether it be on paper or on a digital calendar or set in a phone reminder.

What was notable about the ingredients in your products? Did you schedule everything?