Routine Resolution Begins! Make Cuts, Make a Kit and Get Organized

The first step to creating a great hair routine is to get organized. Photos of huge hair product stashes are always being shared on social media but unfortunately having a store-shelf-amount of products doesn't help you address your routine easily, quickly and efficiently. So we recommend pairing down to the essentials you use in an entire hair cycle.


Today's Assignment:

Pick your core items and organize them in one to two boxes at most. We recommend using the Marie Kondo method and keep it simple with a large shoe box. You could also use a medium sized shipping box and just tuck in those flaps so the box will have an open top for easy access. You will store the hair products you are using now in this box. Do not include aspirational products or testing out products. Only include products that you use for your routine. It can include the following:

a shampoo

a conditioner

a deep conditioner

a daily leave-in

a styler

spray bottle

hair bands and bobby pins (5-6 each)

applicator bottle (ACV rinse, more on this later)

comb & brush (optional, more on this later)

Once you've selected your essentials, take some time looking through the products not in the box and take out any items you KNOW you aren't going to use but don't want to throw away.

Now take just a second to pause and consider what you've done. You may realize that you have way more products than you use on a regular basis. You may have also used these products inconsistently. Every new product you purchase you need to use regularly for at least 1 month to know if it's effective on your hair. Be mindful of ingredients on every bottle and you'll start to develop a sense of what works great for your hair.  After a month, if something hasn't shown good results, it's time to find something new.

It should feel nice to have a cleared some products and created a easy to use kit of hair routine products. You've basically addressed the paradox of choice. Too many options causes anxiety, confusion and can stall your hair routine. And most importantly, you won't know what is working with so many duplicate types of products a part of your routine. Now you're streamlined and kit ready. Well done and hold onto this feeling!

Please share your progress with us all - what products did you put in your kit and why?